Hey Jennifer,

Things are going well here. I can actually pet her while she is eating. Today she was a little fussy- Maybe smoke was bothering her ..

It’s the time of year here that they burn off brush.

Probably what they did in Gainesville where all those people crashed on -75 That was so horrible.

She’s also shedding – like a collie – you would never have thought her hair was that long

The Monty Roberts books I ordered just came yesterday – so I haven’t had time yet to read them.

I was wondering if you heard any word how her foal was doing? Im curious to see if the baby she has this year will look like the last one. I looked through the past adoptions I see she had a filly in 09 – looked similar to her as well.

Is Grulla a dominant gene?

Take care


Hi Cheryl and Jennifer,

I just wanted to give you a update on the wonderful arrival of Leila’s foal. She arrived Monday April 30, 2012 – somewhere between 2- 6am. She is a lovely Bald faced – red dun. Her eyes are brown. She has four white socks as well and lots of splashes of white. I have attached a few picture I took on Monday. She has already grown and is running the Kentucky Derby in 30 min. I haven’t given her a name yet – Nosey- Rosey seems to suit her- she is very inquisitive . More picture to come as she changes.

Take Care

Jane Whritenour