Hi Jennifer & Cheryl,

 I attached recent photos of Michaels Chance at 2 years of age.  He has a morning workout along our backyard fence with our Aussie Cody.  Cody barks and Chance chases him.  Both get pretty tired after a few rounds.  There has always been a special relationship with the horse and dog,  It looks like I will be getting on Chance in a few weeks.  He really looks great with his saddle and bridle on ready to go for a ride.  A few times out with my gelding should do the trick.  Ponying other horses has always helped when getting in the saddle for the first time.  Chance has accepted everything that has been thrown at him.  I even have people wanting to breed to him once I get a good handle on him.


Hi Jennifer,

Here are photos of me on Michaels Chance. He went on his first trail ride at age 5 today. He is such a great horse, and continues to get better the more he does. Thought I would share this with you about my former PMU foal.


Hi There,

Just sending you photos of my boy Chance.  He did some camping  (second time) this weekend at Live Oak near lake Cachumana.  I volunteered to be the Timer for a NATRC ride.  He is starting to like camping and trail riding, and is getting better at downhill.  He was always on flat torrain, but now he has to learn to balance me and himself on hills.  Lots of people asked how much I paid for him and what was his breeding.  Got so many great compliments on him.  I'm so proud of him.  Trying to help find a good home for his sister Tawni.  She is now 3.5 years old, and just being saddle trained.


Here is a great photo of me with Chance at Live Oak campgrounds.  Chance was learning to camp at the trailer.  He also learned how to break loose twice.  He was easy to catch especially with carrots.  Everyone wanted to know what breed he was and where I got him.  Chance is such a character. 
I love him alot.