Tango's Tawney, a little more grown up, and looking just like her mother.

I am innocence.
I do not know pain, nor hunger. I have never been lonely.
I seek to satisfy my needs for grass and clear running water, bubbling over a deep green trough.

I was born under shelter and I find comfort from the sun and rain there. I sleep under the stars in soft sand, safe beneath my favorite tree.

I do not know fear, anger, or frustration.
I am not in bondage, I am not a slave.
I am free to be me, to play with the geldings and run with the mares.

I am growing tall and strong, I am healthy and proud. I can stand up for myself and I have a herd to protect me.
I stand beside my dam day and night, not in her shadow but in her reflected glow.

I watch my human with anticipation...hoping for a carrot, an adventure, having my withers scratched or my body brushed.

I am here
-because angels spoke for my dam and saved her life and mine.

I am here
-to cleanse the past of my dam. She has been redeemed through me and through her those who have sinned against our kind. I am here to make everything pure again-to wash away pain and indifference.

I am innocence. I am Tango's Tawni


Here is a 3 YO pic of Tango's Tawni for her webpage as well as a recent photo of Tango. Tango at 16 years old is now slim and trim, plagued by arthritis but otherwise very healthy. Tawni is the calmest thing on earth-very sweet and gentle, totally trusting of humans.
Thank you.
Janet Meyer
Spirit of Equus Rescue