Zippy was part of a group of 2011 foals that was sick with strangles. He was the youngest of the group, and the smallest. We didn't even know he existed until we got this sad picture of him one day in March 2012. Cheryl was headed to North Dakota to bring back a load of adopted horses to California, and there was room on the trailer for a couple more small ones, so Zippy got a ride to safety.

He was painfully thin, barely recovered from being sick. The first few weeks every morning we checked to be sure he was still alive. He is a plucky little horse, he hung in there, ate everything we fed him and got fatter! We have played with him a bit, giving him a couple baths, lots of grooming, haltering etc. We even introduced him to a small pony saddle, which he accepted easily.

Zippy is now ready to go to his permanent home. We are asking a small adoption fee to help cover a portion of his costs. He is at our facility in Santa Maria California. His adopter must pick him up at the farm or arrange for private transportation.

We have been through strangles a few times here at the sanctuary. We have found that often youngsters will loose the hair on their faces as they are recovering. Possibly ringworm, maybe some other effect of a challenged immune system. It goes away in a few weeks and the hair grows back. Zippy didn't look very glamorous, but he was beginning to feel a lot better.

June 20, 2012, Nearly shed out of his thick winter coat, and dare we say almost looking a bit FAT! Hooray!!! What a happy boy he is.