Hi Jennifer and Cheryl!

Bragging Update: After starting out WILD and with four weeks of very
short training sessions, our new colt (Boldrewood Fair-Dinkum Tucker,
FKA "Peanut") is now:

Accepting all forms of contact everywhere on his body and following us
around like a puppy.
Enjoying interaction with people, our adult draftx, goats and doggies.
Getting good with calm down cue during desensitization/object work.
Testing us occasionally with attempts at rough (horse) play (I take
that as a sign he's not a robot - it's fun to watch his brain work).
Turning and facing on verbal cue.
Changing direction and halting with verbal + body language cue.
Yielding HQs and FQs on verbal cue.
Backing on verbal cue.
Leading forward with forward verbal + pressure cue - just getting the
idea of the safe leading position technique.
Giving front feet on verbal + pressure cue.
Nosing himself into the rope halter.
Flexing nose to both sides and holding (verbal+pressure cue).
Head down verbal+pressure cue.

We're pretty impressed with Tucker and are convinced he's a
colt-prodigy! His attention span is remarkable for as young as he is.
When we trained our other horse he was a bit older but his attention
span was not nearly as long. I'm sure Tucker'll give us trouble one of
these days... can't wait!

We know you're swamped, but you're ALWAYS swamped- so would you like
us to send some new pictures for your adoption stories section?
Tucker's great- perfectly healthy and happy. Cheryl did an amazing
job wrangling that load. He was so calm that he quite
non-nonchalantly walked off your trailer and right up into ours. She
said he was a perfect gentlemen during the whole trip! He was the
same when we loaded him off at home. Too funny! We sure do love him!
He's the talk of the town, too!

Many thanks,

Liz and Kevin