Jennifer and Cheryl

Our little filly Irresistible is now called ZIBBY LOU, my granddaughter named her. This has been the most amazing week with Zibby, when we picked her up last monday she put on quite the rodeo! and tried to jump the corral panels at the rancher's place, he let one other colt on my trailer with her so she would calm down. The rancher had a concerned look on his face and said" sure you do not want to take this colt with you"? she is really wild!

I looked at him and said no that colt belongs to another adopter who is on her way. we waited a bit and then they got the colt off the trailer and she just stood there quietly. I said I think she did not like those plastic bags on the end of the sticks cause now she is ok. he suggested I leave her on the horse trailer for a few days to gentle her. My granddaughter (Hayden) is 10 years old and she was with me for the week (easter break) we drove off and got her home and we did leave her on the trailer. (she had plenty of room to lay down and move around).

by day 2 she was letting my granddaughter touch her face while eating hay from her hand!!! yea progress. The next day Hayden could rub her face and put a halter one her (it was quite big) so off to the store we went for a colt size halter. That same night we brushed Zibby all over and rubbed her legs. Zibby fell in love with Hayden and vice versa. on the 4th day we took her to the barn and let her in her stall and paddock area. Sunday day 6 Hayden put the halter on and off serveral times and took the lead rope and rubbed it all over her body and face, and got her to take a few steps at Hayden's que!

I am so happy we have her and thank eveyone so much for helping bring her to us. Hayden has shown Zibby love, patience and a gentle hand and they both have bonded so well. we love her so much. I am grateful for this expereince for my granddaughter and myself! we will keep you posted on her progress. oh and Panda is in love with her also, they can't touch each other yet but can see each other, and he will not leave the barn area, they talk to each other. she has the cutest little whinney I have ever heard.