Hi Jennifer,
    Had to share these pics from today. Getting to spend some quality outdoor time with the gals since it has been in the low 60s here!!!!  Sasha and Sophia were hanging in their paddock today when I noticed Sophia lying down "sun-bathing". I had to go give her her daily "scratch down" (her favorite spots are her chest and butt....didn't you want to know that?) She never even budged so I attempted to hop on her back (no, I would NEVER ride a horse that isn't even 2 yrs old, but I had to just see if she would at least tolerate me doing so). She was unbelievable!!!!!!!! What a big dog, she never batted her long black eyelashes once as long as I continued to scratch her. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these girls??!!! Tess too of course, I'll be sure to send some of her soon. They are awesome horses, we are so lucky to have them. Take care and good luck with all of those new babies that you guys have!!!                          
  -Tim and Erika Hughes and Tess, Sasha and Sophia