Dear Jennifer and Cheryl,
I am forwarding a photo of Real Bright Destiny (Real Bright x OK Destiny) the buckskin-dun filly that Wes had wanted to keep out of the 2006  foals.  This is not the best photo, but it does show her winter color and good conformation...her mane is very long as is her tail...and her head is prettier than this photo makes it look...(this was taken with a cell phone)...but I wanted to get a photo to you to forward to Wes.  This filly could look like mud, but with her great  mind and willingness, it wouldn;t matter!

This filly was one of the last of the year to get a home. With no appaloosa markings she didn't stand much of a chance at auction. Diane took her in with a group of foals that she adopted. She worked with a trainer in Albuquerque to get them gentled and halterbroke, and has found permanent homes for most of them.