To all my Animali buddies in California!
I am having a large time here in Texas with this human.
I'm learning a lot!
Never turn your hiney to people. Just FYI.
Human leads, horse follows. No exceptions. No land skiing.
Oh and-yes, you will wear a blanket. Yes you will. Will too.
The woman does not give UP.
Pretending I'm scared didn't work, so I got a little bit cranky.
I made a mean face.
If the woman had any sense she'd get scared & quit with the blanket already...but NOPE!
That doesn't work either.
That blanket was on me in about 2 seconds.
It did feel pretty darn good.

I am going to the dentist Tuesday. My teeth are in tough shape. My Person is taking the day off to take me. She really loves me a lot. She knows I'm not really naughty. I totally don't want to fling her. She is very different from most Humans . I started whinnying at her when she goes away.
Gets me a cookie, every time. See, humans CAN be trained!

Thank you for saving my life.
Talk to you later,