Dear Jennifer & Cheryl,
It's almost a year since She's Gone Country, the then 14 year old Appy mare from OK ranch, arrived at my home.  As I'm sure you remember, she had barely survived aborting the twin foals, and her feet were in terrible shape - she could hardly stand.  "Country Girl" as we call her has made a complete recovery - she has grown out completely new hooves and trots and canters around the pasture with no signs of discomfort at all.  My farrier says he wished he had taken photos of her feet a year ago - they were the worst he's ever seen and now they are just fine! Country has also filled out nicely on orchard grass, oat hay pellets, rice brain and senior feed -- with some glucosamine, biotin and vitamin supplements - and has grown a plush winter coat.  She gets along well with my two Arab mares (Rose, 24 is a retired rescue mare and Ferri, 23 is my semi-retired former dressage now trail horse) and is sweet and easy to handle.  I remember that you said she had been a race horse in her youth, so perhaps this summer we can put her in training to be a riding horse.  (My daughter Laura, 13, confessed recently that she and her friend Nick, 12, had put a bridle in Country's mouth and a bareback pad on her and "Nick got on her and I led her around the pasture.  She looked surprised but she didn't do anything bad." Yikes!)  I think she knows that we love her and tries to express her appreciation - if I go up to her in pasture or her stall she often puts her cheek against mine and presses softly against my face.  I am so glad that you and I were able to save her.  
Best regards,
Jan Costello