Hi Jennifer & Cheryl,

I adopted a filly back in 2005, OK-555, called OK Peppy Page...who is now "Trouble" and is the love of my life (well, one of many hehe!).

You might remember her, she's the one that had the hernia.  Well, here's the deal.... I want to get her DNA tested for colour, but they want to know the parent's colours.  ACK!
Did TAX MANS BAR, or OK SKIP GO ROUND ever go through you, or do you have any listings of them, possibly pictures even?  Do you know if Tax Man's Bar was ever HYPP tested?  (He should be negative as a Canadian horse, so if you don't know, it's ok, I'll have Trouble tested).
Here's why I'm asking.... I don't think Trouble is a buckskin, and she's not quite a dun or a bay either....so I want to see what colour she is.  And I'm getting all my records in order... Looks like Trouble might just be hitting the show ring in the spring, if all goes well!
There's absolutely NO rush to getting back to me on this... take months if you wanna.  I'm pretty sure you're in the middle of a big push for adoptions (lovely horses by the way!).
Thanks y'all, I love ya!