This is from Pamela, Grace's new mom. A photo of Pamela and Grace is attached to this email.  I delivered Grace to her new home in September. If you look closely at the photo, you will see the beautiful Pacific ocean in the background! Yes, Grace is now a coastal resident! I love Pam! She is a dedicated horsewoman with a strong connection and sense of obligation to her animals----she is at her boarding stable twice a day to care for Grace. She has two other horses, Flash, a PMU rescue colt,and Hilda, a 30 year old Standardbred mare rescued from slaughter years ago. Her love for Grace comes through in her many email updates. Thank you, Pam!

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know Grace has completely settled in after two weeks in her new home and is really thriving!!  Every day when I get there she is at the fence, eager to see what's going to happen (or what I'm going to bring her to eat, most likely, but it is still nice to see her bright and eager face every morning!)......Grace and I have had three sessions with a trainer, for about an hour each time.  Once she relaxes she is a VERY fast learner.  One of the trainers is planning to be back later this month and thinks she could start under saddle at that point.  She isn't bothered by the saddle on at all.  In fact, there's almost nothing that bothers her!  She walked across a tarp the other day; we stopped to do some carrot stretches and the tarp blew halfway across the road towards her and she barely batted an eye!  (I had noticed in her file that the chiropractor recommended carrot stretches, so we've started doing those.  The one between the front legs is hard for her, but otherwise she was a pro after about 2 sessions.)

She also had a small ding on her rear left hoof where she probably stepped on a stone and the side of the hoof wall got bent out.  Today the little piece came off, so I rasped her hoof around it so there wouldn't be further breakage -- and she was absolutely fine with the rasping.

I know her shape is already changing -- her hind end is getting a little more built up and her belly is more tucked in (but not ribby).  I've been taking her on some hills -- small ones to start, but we did a big one today.

She is the sweetest horse, and I'm so happy being with her!!  It is absolutely the highlight of my day.  I can't ever thank you enough for letting me give her a home!!!