Hello Jennifer and Cheryl!

Just wanted to send you an update on my not so little anymore man! He is one of the sweetest most easy going horses i have ever been around. We are working on completing our level one parelli ground work and are moving along quickly. He is so eager and playful and always runs whenever he sees us coming up to the barn! He is almost 15 hands already and still growing. He loves going everywhere including camping, trail rides etc.People are always amazed when we tell them he is only one! Seuss turned out to be a cryptorchid and was taken to the New Bolton center 2 weeks ago to be gelded finally and is doing extreamly well! I just want to express my thanks for all that you do for these wonderful animals that without you would have ended up on a dinner plate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing him into my life.

Kristen Beard and Suess