This amazing baby looks so much like her father. Unfortunatly we only got pictures of bits and pieces of her, this is all we have! There are so many horses and once in a while we just miss one! I could not believe that this one is one of the ones we missed, I even used the out of focus picture!

Hi Jennifer & Cheryl

On another note, I have attached a few pictures of the Spots in XS filly out of Mare 417, as well as the grade leopard filly that I adopted at the same time. They were both very wary when they arrived. After about a month, I could still only touch the tips of their noses and they would follow us around at a few feet away. They were very frightened when my trainer and I started working with them to get them halter trained. The leopard grade filly was the most frightened horse I have ever seen. She finally came around after a few weeks of work in a very small pen and is now very friendly (they are both very friendly and people oriented now). They look a lot better too. The black filly had so much hair she was more like an alpaca. She still has a little fringe along the center line of her belly, which you can see in the pictures. They both had coughs and pretty bad snotty noses after about 3 weeks her, but by then they had learned to eat Purina Jr. and I was able to get them to eat the oral antibiotic that the vet prescribed.  They have both had two rounds of vaccinations now, much to my relief.

They are both very beautiful, especially the white filly. She is quite elegant. The little black girl is a tough little cookie and is definitely the boss. She really wants to be with the other horses, but is still too small. She will have to be satisfied with visiting them over the fence for a while longer.

Thanks again for the chance to have these lovely horses.