Hey Jennifer,
Since I had my camera at the barn yesterday, I took a few pictures of Mitzee...  she had her second (and, hopefully, last) surgery about 3 weeks ago for the osteomyelitis of her left mandible... so, you can see the shaved area of her left face, as well as the shaved area on her right neck where she had an IV.  She's doing great, eating well, and getting more socialized (i.e., easier to handle) all the time.  She will finally take treats (though only certain ones) out of my hand and does so rather gingerly... and I can consistantly pick up all four feet and pick out her hooves!  YEAH!!!  As you probably know, she's only about 15 hh or so, but she's built like a brickhouse, so I really hope to have her as a nice trail horse eventually!  I really am very attached to her... there's certainly something very special about her.
Thanks again for all you do!  I'll send pictures of baby Rory the next time I go see him (he's "away" at training right now).