Emma (EZ MOVE) had her filly first, and she's doing very well.  The Filly has a tremendous overreach when she runs (which is often!!).  Emma's a doll, and very easy to work with.  She is without a doubt our calmest horse.

Next Blue had her baby, little Luna.  Luna has the perfect western pleasure lope down, and lopes circles constantly around her mother, which drives her mother nuts.  Blue is the bossiest mom I've ever seen!  A neighbor came by yesterday, trailing their pet lamb that follows them everywhere.  The lamb zipped into the paddock to check out the baby, and Blue was a banshee- screaming and mauling the poor little thing.  All I can say is, don't get between a mare and her baby, and stop bringing those darn wolves in sheep's clothing around!
We're still waiting for Friday and Willow to have their babies- it should be soon!
Cherie, Pixie, and Penney are starting under saddle this week.  Pixie, surprisingly, is the only one who has actually wounded any of us.  She suddenly decided that she really didn't like people messing around with her back end, and nailed both me and Jeff pretty good a few weeks ago.  She's gotten better since then, but we tred cautiously!  Penney (Crocodile Dundee to you!) has been fabulous- she is the favorite of the barn!