We were contacted by Cathy in 2009. She had purchased an Appaloosa mare at a boarding stable. Aparently her owner had fallen on hard times and was unable to keep her. Cathy was trying to find information on her mare when she contacted The Animali Farm. Since then she has adopted another OK Appaloosa, a colt from 2004 named Cuervo.
Thank you Jennifer and Cheryl for rescuing the mare I've been calling  Tobianna.  She  seemed without an identity when I got her.   So I gave her an Appaloosa  name as my way of honoring her past.  We are uncovering  a really great horse that I knew was in there.  And what a sweetheart !

Hi Jennifer & Cheryl,

More pictures for your file of adoption stories.  I hope you get a volunteer to help you with all that you do!

401-OK  -- Tobianna  sure turned out to be a comfortable, soft ride.    After many, many days of  the "green-broke" stuff,  there came a day when she  decided that being ridden was fun!   She became willing, and really became my partner when we rode!    What a nice accomplishment that turning-point was.   I will never forget that day!  
Tobi  has a very kind, intelligent and interesting personality.  She can have a stubborn, survivor's instinct,  but is always gentle and has never once tried to hurt me or even lay her ears back to a person.  When I ask her properly, she willingly  gives me what I want. Sometimes if  I don't ask properly, we can go round and round.  I am catching on!