Hi Jennifer;
It was too bright to pick up the white on her muzzle.  SHe is still coal black but now has white on her neck, back and loin and tummy plus the appy look on her face, etc.  She is wonderful and Rev loves her.
Julie Lynch
Hi Jennifer and Cheryl;
Hope things are going well for you at the farm.  Nova will be three this year and she is currently at Cal Poly in SLO being ridden.  Her pictures are with her student handler.  She has shown some spotting on her face and back and a few dots here and there.  She is an absolute love and I can't wait to get her home to our new place.  Rev is enjoying being in my backyard with my other horses.  When we got this place there were no fences or barns.  I put them up very quickly.  The neighbor never saw anything go so fast and then I moved in with the 4 horses and sent Nova to college.  She hasn't seen her new home yet.  See how much she has grown! Pictures sent separately.
Best regards,
Julie Lynch