Erin got her horses right before Christmas. We don't know how she convinced them to wear the hats so soon after she got them! They are beautiful fillys!

I am sure busy as usual so I will keep this email short. I have been good and the fillies (OK 284 and OK 455), "Diva" and "Star" are doing well. Growing like weeds and even getting a bit fat on the grass.  It is amazing how much they have changed since they arrived and how their personalities have emerged.  I am having fun with them and they are now officially tame. Pets more like it.   My sister says," They must be tame when cannot chase them out of the driveway." Their next lesson is to learn a few manners.  I have attached some pictures of "Diva's" first bath. "Star" will get hers when I get another daylight period of time.