Hi Jennifer and Cheryl,

Just wanted you to know that Sosoni (her new name is Shoshone for survivor or wanderer) made it to Idyllwild (Mountain  Center) in fine shape.
She traveled very well, although she found the winding mountain road a bit disconcerting. Joanne, the owner of Tahquitz Stock Farm, had panels ready for us and she, my son Bret, and Phil did a fine job of assisting Sosoni to unload in a relatively calm way.
Good thing we started early yesterday, we arrived at sunset! Traffic was horrible all across the L.A. metropolitan area.
Destiny, my Thoroughbred, was wildly delighted to see Sosoni. She was very happy  to see someone normal at the end of a very strange day! I stayed with her until almost 7 PM,, but it was 38 degrees so I left to have dinner with my family, then I returned to check on her again. Both times, she was calmly eating. drinking water, pooping, doing all the normal things. She remained very alert. Sosoni was also suspicious of the ram, Simon, in the pen next to hers as he kept rattling his horns against the fence.
She is currently alone in a 24' x 30' pen across from Destiny. At night, all the animals are put into barns because of the mountain lion danger except for Destiny,
Simon, and now Sosoni. She will join Destiny in a few days in his 24' x 100' pen which is about to be extended another 24'.  
Sosoni did something cute. Destiny's pen has a shelter that hides him from view. Last night he would go into it for a few minutes, then come out again. Every time Sosoni saw him come out
, she would welcome him back with a soft nicker!
Tomorrow is my birthday. Thank you both for all your efforts in saving this nice mare's life, and all the assistance you have given me with her. You have made my birthday extra special this year! Sosoni is my third horse. I received my first special horse  ( a seven year old) as a gift for my
fourteenth birthday. He lived to be thirty-three years old. Somehow, getting Sosoni at this time of year seems like a good omen for all of us.

Happy New Year!