Jennifer & Cheryl,

I have waited to write and give you an update on Reba (OK Rockin Reba) until I had some really exciting news.  Our surprise package arrived on Saturday April 27, 2007 and what a surprise he was.  Reba has blessed us with a wonderful Appaloosa colt (aka Pickle), he is beautiful, big, and as you can see - very colored.  Reba has made great strides in trusting us since her arrival here the first of March.  We can go into her stall and she doesn't run away, I can touch her all over, groom her (she really likes this part).  After the baby arrived she became a bit stand offish but again gets better every day.  As I mentioned in our phone conversation about a month ago, in the beginning I really questioned my decision about adopting her.  I am a very busy trainer and thought to myself "I don't have time for this - why in the world do I do these sort of things"  I took one look at her and knew exactly why I did this.  My heart just broke for her!!
After this weekend and the arrival of Pickle I knew this was just meant to be.  Thank you for all you do and for the opportunity to own her.
I will try to keep you updated on their progress.
Dorinda Burks