Hello Cheryl and Jennifer, 

OK My D Cutiepie, mare #191, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy filly on June 8!
She has four tall white socks and the same face markings as her mom, who we call Madre.  We are calling the filly Ninya for now.
Madre has been pretty trusting right from the start.  I have gone very slowly with her.  It seemed the scariest thing she had ever seen was a halter, so I left that to the end.  Her muzzle is the last place she likes to be touched - and her ears!
Madre and Ninya are very relaxed and happy as you can see from the photos.  They both told me to say a great big "Thank you" to you both for all of your efforts!!  Because of your work they both get to have safety and love.
Sue Moss (in British Columbia, Canada)