He was bitten on the way down to us during traveling and was not a happy horse on arrival. Then when he and I met, he didn't quite like me as much as he fell in love with our neighbor, Sabyl. He looked at me like I was from another planet, while he yelled to her, "PLEASE be my MOM!"Not a very happy boy until he met his Aunt Sabyl! She immediately took over the care of his eye, and additionally brushed him, talked to him and fell in love with him.So for Xmas 2005, I gave him to the Mom he wanted, and she renamed him from Shadow to Minow. (Shadow was her previous horse's name but 16H and our Shadow is shorter, Minow stands for Mini Size Shadow - hence, Minow)Transfer of OwnershipOne White Horse With Red Xmas BowFor the sum of Love and Loyalty we transfer full legal ownership of Shadow, approx. 7 years old, not registered, appy, in “as is” condition: A tad blind in left eye, a tad spooky, a tad white, a tad pink eyes and a tad only his new mom Sabyl will love. We have full legal authority and possession of said White Horse With Red Xmas Bow to transfer ownership. March 2007 - Here is Minow - although blind in one eye he trusts his Mom, Sabyl. He is fine for her to ride, and now he has started over jumps without spooking! Trust, Patience and Love can sure do wonders. Plus he is proof one eye is fine!