Dear Jennifer and Cheryl,

I hope this note finds you well. Happy Mother's Day - I don't know of anyone else who is Mom to so many animals!!

My filly (919), if you remember her, has grown up to be a gorgeous horse and she's a sweetheart. We named her Aine (awn-ya) and she's made herself quite at home in Malibu! She's under saddle and doing well in all respects. I think I mailed you pics about a year and a half ago - I hope you received them.

I'm wondering if you could please send me the pictures that you took of her that day that I came up to your ranch to visit her when she first arrived so little and skinny. Please let me know. That was in May, 2007.

I plan to take new pictures of her tomorrow and I will send a few along to you. She's a beautiful mare and has grown quite a bit in two years - currently 15.1h and still growing.

Many thanks & kind regards,
Meg Hansen

Hi Jennifer & Cheryl,

I'm attaching a couple of pics taken a few months ago, just so I can show you how beautiful she is two years later - such a difference from the way the little baby arrived. The first pic is of Aine, and the second pic shows her size now (15.2h) next to my TB mare, Jewel, who is just under 16h. They love each other and love to scratch.... very sweet pair of mares. Aine follows Jewel and tries to mimic her - it's so cute!
Thanks so much,