Just 12 months before these pictures were taken Bayley was an untrained young horse. Tawnee and her family were beginners, but very committed to learning. Bayley went to a local trainer, and the family took riding lessons, often EVERYDAY! Everyone learned fast. Bayley is now living at the Knight ranch, and Anthony rides her after school most days. He is also learning archery, and hopes to do mounted archery in the future.

Tawnee and Lisa posing for the family Christmas picture!

Bayley went through an auction as a baby, on her mothers side. She was purchased by a meat buyer, and would have gone to slaughter without The Animali Farm's help. She came to the farm, and lived here for over a year until she found a loving home with the Knight family. She benefited from training at Monty Roberts Academy, and from two different foster families that helped to gentle and halterbreak her.