This is a picture of this mare when the rancher brought her home from the auction. They have been able to give her a home for nearly a year, but can not keep her much longer. If she does not get a home she will go back to the auction.

Jennifer & Cheryl!

Thank you so much!  I am a Girl Scout I did my Gold Award (similar to the Boy Scout Eagle Award) by adopting two PMU horses (mare 1053 (we called her Arwen) and a colt called 'Starlight Dancer' later dubbed Bumble).
I kept Arwen and Bumble for three months, training and socialising them to make them sutable for a permanant home.  I backed Arwen after teaching her to lunge, ground drive, and stand for a ferrier/vet and behave well in general.  I worked a little with Bumble on halter work and leading.  After three months I put the horses up for sale (at a minimal cost - what it was to feed them for the time period) and they were sold to the first person who contacted me as they were a perfect fit for what she was looking for.  I was contacted by upwards of twenty people in the first day that the horses were online and refered all of them to The Animali Farm website to look at similar horses.
The project was a compelte success. I also taught kids how to work funcitionally with horses and develop trust based training relationships as well as visiting horse shows and posting flyers about the PMU industry and The Animali Farm.  My pictures are currently trapped in cyberland somewhere on our incompabable home network that is the bane of my existance but I will get some soon for you!