Here are the pix I took last Sun. I thought you might like them. The last 2 are of Rose & her new home. (It snowed a little this AM.) She made the trip here just fine. She is easy to handle but very shy around people. I can touch her all over, but she doesn't want to look at me. I work w/her for about an hour every day, & she's improved a lot already. She had a moderate worm load (strongyles) so I wormed her & will again in 2 weeks. She eats every crumb of hay I give her (& I give her a lot) but won't touch anything else yet. Anyway, she's doing fine & we're enjoying her. Thanks again for all your hard work.
Sue Laurente

Rose finally foaled last Thurs. (6/22) at 5:30 in the AM.  She delivered twins - 2 little fillies, one black & one champagne.  Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the black one was born dead, but after a rough start (2 days in ICU at Crossroads Vet. Clinic for a rare autoimmune blood disease where her body was destroying its platelets & she was hemmoraging internally & externally) Sunny is home & doing great. We had to feed her every 2 hours thru a feeding tube & give her 2 kinds of antibiotics thru a catheter from Sat PM when we brought her home until yesterday (Tues.) evening when she pulled out her feeding tube.  Last night she scratched out her catheter!  I guess she knew she was ready to go it on her own.  It's been an adventure; now we're trying to catch up on our sleep