Hi Jennifer & Cheryl,

King is living on my friends property in Sonoma and it only takes me 10 minutes to see him from work and 20 from home so - much closer to home now.  I cannot describe the love I have for King.  I pulled him from the trainer in Santa Rosa - he was there 3 months.  He lives on a family farm with Percherons, about 14 to be exact.  He loves hanging with these beauties, he's the little guy!!  I have joined the local Draft Horse club and started equestrian night classes at the JC.  The Percheron family show and drive so I will be able to learn on their horses.  It'll take me a couple of years to get into some property and build a nice barn but that is still in his future.  I've already named the barn King's Station!  I'm determined to have the most cherished Belgian Draft horse in all Sonoma County.

I have his adoption agreement, I was wondering if you have the papers that show he is a full belgian?  Not that I care, just have a nice scrap book I'm putting together about him. 



Hi Jennifer and Cheryl

A quick update on King.  He is 8 years old now and living the life of a King!  King's best friend is Blue, a little paint gelding, who keeps him on his toes, little Blue is definitely the boss of big King.  King has brought a life I would never have known otherwise, great new friends, belly laughs and most of all a connection and love for each other like none other.  We spend lots of time together, there is no question he has been the biggest gift to my life.  Here are a few updated photos.

Sending you our love!

King, Blue and Lauren