Alyssa did not have a lot to go with when she made the decision to adopt Chris. He was young, only 4, barely halterbroke, and not exactly cheep even though he was a rescue horse. In addition to that he had a lingering sore on his pastern that wasn't healing very quickly. Jennifer had been really impressed with this horse when she traveled to Alberta in the summer, and advised Alyssa to go ahead with the adoption. He is turning out to be a Great horse!

Here are few recent pictures of Highland (A.K.A. Chris).
He's doing good and learning a lot. Progress was slow at first because he was kind of a fraidy cat but he is now trotting under saddle and getting the basics down. The last hurdle will be learning to pick up his feet! He's pretty hard on the farrier and when he doesn't want to lift a leg it's pretty tough to convince him otherwise.
Everyone that sees him oohs and aahs over how gorgeous he is. The unmistakably Friesian mane and tail are growing like crazy. I actually had to trim his tail because he was stepping on it. I Haven't ridden him myself yet but I can't wait, his trainer says he's super smooth. Hope all is well,