Since beginning our rescue efforts I have found only little bits of time here and there to work with horses. My time has been spent placing and delivering over 300 horses to their new homes.
I adopted Gem thinking I was going to have more time to ride, and that didn't turn out to be the case.

I was able to play with Gem in the round pen a little bit over the summer.
I found time with him to be magical. At liberty in the round pen he is so sensitive to my every move. I can turn him by focusing on the space in front of him, a look at his outside shoulder, step back and softly exhale and he will turn towards me. I turn my back and walk away and he is right at my shoulder.

I will hate to see Gem go without having had the time to help him through his training issues, and to ride that big bold trot. It will make it easier to know that he getting the attention he needs.

The Animali Farm