This baby is quite black right now, but may turn gray like his mother! Quite often gray horses are born very black. I digitally lightened most of these pictures so that you could see the details of the horse, otherwise he was just a black blob in the pictures, and blended right into the other horses!

Hi my name is Karen Lasko I adopted 5 pmu babies from you in 2006.  They arrived here in Nevada 17th Jan 2007.  I have been meaning to send you some updates on how they are doing.  They are doing fabulous.  All horses are broke and very rideable.  They all turned out to be very beautiful animals.  Doll06 we named Max he is a big boy over 171/2 hands.  I ride him and taught him to drive.  He is everyones favorite when they come to visit.  I hope these come thru.Fencer..257-0k-06.  Blyss 459-ok-06 she really was totally dark when we got her now she is almost white..  Ari 526-ok-06   and Max Doll06