Kaiser was 1/2 of a trained team of black percheron geldings... so closely matched that the only way the rancher could tell them appart was when she was by scanning them with the micro-chip reader. One was chipped the other not. Last fall tragidy struck and Kaiser's teammate, Amigo, died while at pasture. This leaves Kaiser needing a home all by himself. The rancher tells us that he is a really nice horse, gentle and nice to work with. He is a little rusty in his driving but should work out really well for someone that wants to drive. These pictures were taken early May 2008, at the end of winter.

As you know, I have Kaiser's little brother.  I wanted to share the disposition that has been breed into this line of horses.  I had Raven for exactly 1 week (of which he was weaned from his mother the day that I transported him to my home in NY from NH).  After spending a lot of time with this guy, Sunday, I cleaned his stall and put down new bedding and as I was standing beside him he promptly laid down at my feet.  I thought that if he trusted me I should trust him. So I sat down beside him and petted his neck and up onto his face.  Within 5 minutes of me setting down beside him, he laid his head in my lap and went to sleep.
(This happened just 3 days ago.)
He is as sweet as his mother.  I hope that this information regarding the temperament of his full brother may help someone decide to give Kaiser a home.  Thanks for your time.

Hi, my husband and I adopted Kaiser in Alberta this past December. I want you to know he is in training and doing very well. He is like a magical horse, there is something so special about him! Thanks!
Kessie Stevens