Hi Jennifer,
These are pictures taken of Lakota at Monty Roberts' ranch. She was the star for their class. Afterwards, we moved her to the training barn. We paid for 30 days of training under the saddle with Hector. She did great--albeit the first day he got on her back she was a rodeo horse.
We brought her home early because she had a rash and it was less expensive for me to treat it at home.
The day after we brought her home, she was in an arena, and I walked by with our other horse--an older TB named Cleo. I think Lakota wanted to join us because she tried to jump the fence. It was vinyl and gave way, but her stomach got caught on a metal post. Her front feet were on the ground, but her hind end was in the air and her left hind leg was caught in the fence. It looked very bad. We were able to help her get off the post, and very luckily, she was cut up but not deeply and she has healed very nicely.
Jennie and I have decided to give her a break from heavy training and let her enjoy being two. I took a couple classes at Monty's this summer and learned to use a dually halter, Join-Up, and double lounge lines. Lakota get a lot of walks and ground driving. She's about 15.1 and has a nice round, stout barrel. She grew like a weed when we first got her, but her growing has slowed down recently. She's great with the vet, dentist, and farrier. We're still working on loading into the trailer.
She and Cleo bonded and they get turned out everyday together.
Lakota's home is Gold Buckle Ranch just a couple miles off Betteravia. So she's close by when you go into SM. If you would like come visit her, you're welcome at anytime. Just let us know and we'll meet you there.

This is Hector riding Lakota. He is one of the great riders at Monty Roberts Acadamy. He starts lots of race horses, and occasionally gets to be the first rider on one of The Animali Farm rescue horses.