Well Diosia (Manitoba Mare 63) is doing very well here. I don't think her Canadian ways totally agree with our Florida weather but she seems to be adjusting ok. Haven't done much in the way of training with her since she arrived in foal, just basic ground work stuff nothing too difficult, but we'll hopefully start training soon :-) Diosia gave birth to a big beautiful colt on Sunday, May 13th at about 11:00pm (Mother's Day) what a perfect gift... I was lucky enough to have peeked in on mommy just before going to bed that night & caught Araya's arrival mid-way. He didn't turn out to be a blue roan like his father...Ahh man...but he is a gorgeous boy just the same. He has more of the tradition Belgian coloring & man was he all legs when he first arrived. He's filling out nicely now & looks more like a Draft baby as opposed to what everyone at my work was refering to him as "the giraffe". He couldn't help it he did look like a baby giraffe when he was born :-) HeHe He is definately VERY strong willed. I can already see he will be an exciting challange to work with. I have a trick up my sleeve already though...he seems to have a bum fetish & will melt into butter whenever I give his rump a good scratching...that should come in handy ;-) I'm sorry I haven't sent word sooner. It has been very busy here at the Seghi farm since the new arrivals but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's been nothing but fun & excitement all the way. I don't know how you guys do it, your amazing...truly the unsung heroes for these great animals. Well I can't say thanks enough for helping Diosia, her baby boy Araya & all the other hundreds more horses find there new homes. I appreciate all the time, hard work & help you guys put into getting her & the other safe & sound to us. You guys deserve many thanks & praise for all that you do for these magnificent creatures. I'm so grateful that I found your website & was able to be a small part of your amazing mission. Thanks a million & keep up the great work :-)