Last winter

Hi Jennifer & Cheryl
Hex, previously called Scar, is my personal monster.  She's standing about 16.2, and has the presence of a queen.  She's a pest too!  I swear she'd roll over to have her belly scratched if she could!  She's so sweet, and so gentle, and so royal!  We're currently weaning her colt (Our Jr. Stallion!) and then she starts her saddle work.  I'm not sure what discipline she's going into yet... dressage or jumping.  She moves like a dream, but she's also jumped the round pen walls with perfect form (Of course, that was the first month we had her, she's not so freaked out anymore).  It will be exciting to see though... now I just need to find a taller mounting block.  She's the biggest 16.2 I've ever been around.