This is little Max, with his mother Chimera. Sadly, Chimera passed away from Colic when Max was only two weeks old. He is doing well. Heather is experienced with raising orphan colts, having raised one last year. Chimera is sadly missed.

Max is happy and healthy, and a beautiful refined version of his mother... cept he's grey.  But he's a doll to have around, and you can't help but giggle when you're around him.  He's such a little show off... and SUCH a little boy.

I attached some pics of him for you.  He has his mothers muzzle, and makes noises just like her!  He's been wonderful for helping me to get used to not having Chi' around.  I can't say that I'm over her... as I'll still look out in the pasture, and remember her face, and her kind eyes, and cry.... but seeing him healthy and playful keeps me in a good mood.

My little foal from Chimera (previously Lady) is growing up so nicely.  He's still a very dark colour, but he'll be a grey.  Right now, he's a yearling and in the ugly duckling stage.  But he's the sweetest lil boy.  He's going to be a very nice eventing gelding I think.  I'm hoping that he'll find himself the perfect little pony clubber to love him!