Hello there. 
Well, almost two months have gone by since we brought our kids home.  Every day we are more impressed with them and are so happy weadopted both of them.  Momma (Kim-never gets called this anymore, just Momma) is being ridden, trailers, ties, picks up feet, lunges, everything... Awesome.  Her colt, Miles, is just FANTASTIC!!  Incredible temperment!!  When he arrived we couldn't catch him.  Within a week we were leading him around, now, two months later, he ties, lunges (a little bit) knows Whoa, knows clucking to him means to trot, loads in the trailer, picks up all his feet with no fuss, wears jingle bells around his neck for Christmas, walks over giant sheets of plastic, gets a bath, wears my son's little saddle cinched up and everything!!  No bucks, no reaction at all, just loves to have us mess with him and show off to the others.  They both have learned to eat grain, sugar cubes, peppermints, carrots, and are very easily treat motivated.  They are both being clicker trained and caught on to that FAST!!  (I was skeptical of this at
first, but took a class on clicker training dogs, and am hooked, it even works with my kid, without the clicker of course, but the concept..)  The first time I rode Momma, we were just messing around standing on a chair getting her used to people being above her and she was so good with me laying on her, throwing my leg over her butt, that I decided to hop on bareback and see what happened.  Not much, my husband, Ryan walked us around a couple of times around the arena and then I got off.  She didn't react at all, just bugged her eyes out.  They both have caught on from the other horses that they should come when I call "Heeerrre Kitty, kitty, kitty.  It makes my heart so happy when they nicker at us when we are loading up to go home.  Just wanted to let you know how they are doing, pass on the news to Jim Lyster if you please.  Thank you again. Have a wonderful Holiday. 
Valarie Stucker

Miles is having a birthday this month and is amazing!  We are considering keeping him a stallion because he is so quiet and well
behaved, this may change as he is going through puberty though.  He is so easy with all of the typical horse training things I can think of,
saddling, trailering, clipping, lunging, trail walks, that he is learning tricks now.  He retrieves, bows, drops his head on command, stands while
I throw scary stuff, like playground balls and swimming pool noodles at him, he is just great.  I want him to be bomb proof and am thinking up
every scary thing I can to expose him to early on.  Oh, and we went on a walk at the beach and got to see barking dogs and WAVES!  We have been using our old timer geldings to our advantage and drag them along to show
the youngsters how to behave and I think they enjoy 'training' the young ones as well.  So that is the latest from our lot of hairy children.
Miles is going to be in some halter classes this month at his first show,
I'll let you know how he does.