Hello, Jennifer,

Well, it has been 2 weeks and Jordan is finally getting used to people. When she arrived she unloaded from the truck the same way as you said she loaded, like a champion, but, what I witnessed was a flying horse... she came to the edge of the ramp looked at it with her knees shaking, and jumped over the ramp... boy, it
only I was into Jumping she probably clear 10ft high jumps!!   As soon as she sniffed the stall (bedded with straw and shavings) she began munching on the straw
and felt at home.
Today we made the biggest progress, she not only ate from my hand, but from the bucket I had tucked under my arm pit while I stroked her head, cheek, and neck with out flinching. This shot is her looking at me while I am standing a few feet from her, which is a first, she usually would turn to face the wall, looking over her shoulder once in a while to see if I have gone yet.
She is a really sweet little girl and I am really happy to have her in my life forever. We are going to have a wonderful life together...and I am looking forward to it.
Thank you, Jennifer...for not only putting up with my million and one questions, but, for knowing the rancher who had her.

Hello, Jennifer

It has been quite a while since I emailed you and updated you all on Jordan whom I received Nov '08.
She is doing great at 13 mos old and I can't believe my untamed weanling is a pocket pony at almost 15h and at least 900 lbs! But, she has more love to give and willingness to please than I have ever seen in a horse before her.
From not even being halter broke when I got her to lounging on a lounge line or freely, bathing, trimming, shots, and what-ever else I want to do with her with complete trust from her... is beyond remarkable, and I (and everyone else who meets her) couldn't love any other animal more.
Attached is some photos of my Jordan.... she is looking more and more like her father "Buster" every week. We are hoping by the time she is ready to go into training under saddle it will be like she has already been doing it for a while.
Thank you, again for knowing the rancher who had her.... and helping me bring her into my life.
Kathleen Vasquez