2/26/09, Cassidy left our world as we know it today.
 She had a broken shoulder bone from a kick or hitting the doorway of the stall. She had been hurting from something for 11 days and the vet couldn't figure out what was wrong.  I had been doing everything he told me to make her feel better but she kept getting worse. I was so grateful to Nick that he came with me to take her up to Alamo Pintado Clinic yesterday afternoon. They did surgery this morning and found the broken bone in her shoulder.  It was hopeless to try to save her and even if we  tried, she would have been unable to fulfill her promise of a wonderful, happy life.

She was a beautiful baby and was growing into a lovely mare at only 20 months old. She was part Percheron, Belgian and Clydesdale, all draft breeds.  It took us 2 months of daily attention to get her to let us touch her. James was the first one she let pet her after he spent many afternoons with her. It is a wonderful memory. After that she became friendly and trusting and would be the one to nicker every time I came into the barn.  On turn outs she would literally run up to me when I came to take her back to the barn and on the way she could eat some grass, which she loved.  She was very sweet and we will all miss her 
very much.  She was everyone's favorite because of her curiosity,  sweet disposition and beautiful face. There is so much joy in animals,  horses especially for me, and so much almost unbearable heartbreak  when something happens or they get sick.