Hello Jennifer, Cheryl and all my Animali rescue comrades!  Happy hot late spring!!!

As you all know, this past winter we adopted Jayleo Quincy, a pretty five-year-old sorrel Quarter Horse, through Animali.  We picked her up in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky in March, along with Belgians April and Gracie.  We call Jayleo "Emma" in honor of the beautiful and talented country star, Emma Lou Harris.  Anyway, she had a little filly this past Saturday morning!  Mom and baby are fine.  Emma is a great mom, very protective and attentive.  The Belgian Beauties are proud "aunts" and are also very protective of Baby.   Even Her Majesty, THE QUEEN (a/k/a Goldie) helps form a line between Emma, Baby, and anyone the Belgian Beauties don't trust, which is pretty much everybody except me and Sterlin.  On the first two to three days after Baby was born, the Belgians wouldn't even allow us to get too close.  I'm so proud of my girls!!!   I was finally able to snap some close-up photos this morning (day five). 
My grandmother passed away this past April 14 at the age of 92.  She had a long, full and wonderful life.  My grandmother's middle name was "Alicia", so it is only fitting that this pretty little new-born girl will be called "Alicia."   As someone once said, "Life goes out one door and in another."   The origins of the name "Alicia" is Hebrew and means "The Lord is my salvation."  God knows what He is doing and is good to us in so many ways.
Here are some photos.  I hope you enjoy looking at my new "grand baby"!!!!  She has loooooooong legs, doesn't she?????
Take care and God Bless,
Horseshoe Bend Farm