Hi Jennifer and Cheryl, Dray had her baby boy last night, Wed. April 26 at about 11:00 P.M.  You were right Jennifer, we had just gotten back from our bathroom break before getting in our sleeping bags.  I think she was trying to beat us before we got back.  We had a feeling it was coming though the signs were mild and in no time there was hooves and a nose coming out and the water hadn't broken.  She rolled got up and down etc. and with not much progress in 15 minutes we called the vet who said to pull.  The task fell to me so I pulled with her contraction and after I thought I was out of strength and asked Dorla to come in and help, out he came.  When the vet arrived he said he was a "big one".  We got to dry him off as Dray licked him.  I will send a picture tonight when my husband gets home to help me.  I haven't done it that much and can't figure out how on six hours of sleep in two nights.
  One problem, Dray hadn't passed the after birth by this morning so the vet came back and gave her banamine and Penicillin, however you spell that, and a tranquilizer as she was very worried about her baby and us.  He left 4 shots of oxytocin to give her once an hour for four hours and if that didn't work he'd be back around noon.  She finally started progressing after the last shot and it all came out around 1:45 p.m.
     He is a beautiful mix from dark brown to light brown for now, no face markings and one small sock on one front and one small back sock on the opposite side back foot.  The hooves with the socks are light and the other two hooves are dark.  I'll send more tonight.  Suzy