Hi Jennifer & Cheryl,

 I got Doll and the filly home safely!
I managed to figure out out to remove the tack room panel so they had more room in the trailer. Jim had them rooming together at the rodeo grounds so there were no problems trailering them home without the dividers. It felt as if Doll was doing the rumba several times as I drove. The whole rig would move all over the road! Pulled over a few times until she stopped dancing. No problems with them unloading except Doll really doesn't know what to think of the pigs! She's just been nibbling at her feed so hopefully she'll start picking up the pace soon. She is so much skinnier than the others. She certainly doesn't look pregnant but then neither does Marble, Fudge or Cider. The new filly sticks right by Doll's side shadowing every step. Her half-sister wasn't too sure about sharing her space with the new comer.

It's getting really windy up here again today. Maybe it will dry up some of this mud. Well back to the chores! Hope everyone made it to the drop site yesterday. Jim said we were the first ones there and I was running late (grandsons' babysitter failed to show so we ended up bringing the little ones along for the ride).