We love her already, my husband spent 4 hours in the pen with her yesterday just enjoying her. She allowed a nose pet and took hay from him. She will be a spoiled princess for sure!

Diane L Keith

Hi Jennifer & Cheryl,

I had to write you to let you know we can finally pet and brush baby Deuce from her jaw to her tail.

Thank you Jennifer for the link to KBR. I built my version of the gentling chute in her open stall and fed her in it all last week.

Saturday I closed the back gate to it and approached her shoulder and began rubbing she tried to back up and encountered the gate. She swung her head around to see what had her then settled in. I kept the contact up for 45 minutes while she ate her grain and then called it a successful day. I let her out and got the plastic manure rack and was going to pick put her stall. She got close to me and swung around and I was prepared for a kick but she stood there and allowed me to scratch her with the plastic tines of the rack. I moved up the handle and got my hands on her and she stood for another hour of me messing with her. I was shocked that she could change her behavior so quickly!  My arms gave out before she did. Now she stand next to the fence, in the paddock etc. for the petting. She gets a little excited and tries to muscle too close sometimes but I wave her off and make her come back to me quietly. I am working on the face contact and hope to try a halter this coming weekend. 6 weeks waiting but well worth it!

Diane L Keith VP