Dear Animali Farms,

I am the owner of a draft filly/mare, approx. 4 - 5 yrs. old. I have found out that Stephanie was the original owner who adopted her from you as a foal or yearling. I was told the mare's original name from your farm was Guinevere, and that her sire was possibly a Percheron named Duncan or a gray Percheron...and her dam was black and half percheron.

I would love to have photos and any information on this mare that you have including birth month and year if you have it. I have had her a little over a year now and when I first got her she was just getting her last incisors in. And the lady who I got her from said she was 4, or coming 4. She is a gray and I have pasted a photo of her (with me on her) below.

I have had horses all my life and I have to say this mare has stolen my heart, I love her dearly...I have 7 horses and she has become my main riding horse. So I would love to have any information and photos of her as a baby, maybe the photo from your web site when she was originally offered by you for adoption if you have it, and a photo of her dam and sire would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for all the work you do to help these wonderful horses, I look forward to hearing from you.
Kim Bolewine & Gracie