Just wanted to give you an update on two weanlings that we adopted from your site in September of last year. We rescued them from a PMU Ranch in Wetastkiwin, Alberta and they were delivered to our farm in October of last year..
Hopper (grulla stud colt) and Chickadee (chestnut paint filly) are half paint/ half clyde crosses that are already nearly 1000 lbs and they aren't even a year untill May.
We started gentling them in January and they are now both halter broke. Chickadee is a little more scared of people so she's proving to be a challenge but Hopper is a constant sorce of entertainment on the farm. He truely is a little devil. Probably one of the smartest little horses I've worked with.
Last week I took Hopper and a gelding that I own and put them in a new paddock that we had built.  Hopper figured out how to open the gate and escaped on the first night. We found him back with the girls the next morning just stood there looking at me like he was totally innocent!
He leads and halts on command, loads in a trailer without hesitation, brushes (sometimes even picks the brushes up with his lips if you're not watching) and lifts up his legs for the ferrier and he's only 11 months old!
We took him to be gelded today and he was a brave little man. The surgery went off without a hitch and apart from being a little bloody, he doesn't look phased by it at all. We're hoping for a speedy recovery.
Both Hopper and Chicka are wonderful horses and we are looking forward to continuing with their manners and groundwork over the next few months. In December we will slowly begin training them to drive. They are going to be just gorgeous. We are hoping to have them drive in our local town parade in 2011.
Anyhow, I just wanted to share another success story with you. Once we get these two going a little more we'll be looking for a couple more additions to our family. Thanks for all the help.
Eusebia Mindorff