This is Xira riding Benson in California. Xira is a young volunteer from Germany who is going on to Monty Roberts School to learn Join Up skills. She came early to help us out at the farm!

Benson is such a good boy. He had only been here for a few days when we took these pictures.

Dear Horse Friends,

Well, yesterday, I finally took Benson and Tiki to my property in Mathews county, VA (where my parents llive)...  the place is finally set up for horses... the fences are finished, the well appears to work O.K., the round pen has sand and is level, and there's grass growing in the pastures!  For now, my mom and dad are feeding them and looking after them during the week, then I will see them on weekends!  During the summer, we have a couple of young women (high school and college ages) who are great young riders and amateur trainers who will work with both of them during the week (and much out stalls too!)...  The younger woman is an active Pony Clubber and is really interested in having her instructor/trainer work with her while she rides Benson (afterall, he has such the hunter/jumper look!)...  I'm very excited to see these guys become well trained, trusting, wonderful mounts for responsible riders... Thanks so much to everyone who has helped this process become a reality!
P.S.  The attached pictures shows them both looking in through the drop vent from the tack/storage area into the run-in shed.  Apparently, they are waiting patiently for my Dad to feed them their dinner!!!