Hi Cheryl and Jennifer,
Well it has been some time since we've spoken and nigh on 7 months since my beautiful girls arrived.  They went to Casa de los Caballos and boarded for two weeks and then came to live at my neighbors house one down and behind me.  They kicked up their heels in the 1/3 of an acre completely open to them and settled in nicely.  I had their hooves, vaccines and teeth taken care of and we went along well - that is, until the first big heat wave here.
The only reason I am including this somewhat negative side of the story is to perhaps make you and subsequently another adoptive family aware of Canadian horses in the hot Arizona (Southwest) desert.  Both Button and Star developed Laminitis or Heat Founder.  They began stumbling at first when they would run and I picked their hooves pulling our wood pieces from the chips on the ground.  Thinking it was just tender I waited two days through the weekend only to have them begin to go down.  The vet was out in 10 minutes and quickly made the diagnosis from the raised blood pressure in their lower legs.  The were put on the proper medication (between the two, 124 pills crushed and mixed with honey in a large syringe) and custom made boots for their front hooves.  They now spend every day in the shade of their newly built stalls at my home and evenings out in their smaller but cool turn out area.  No more alfalfa, just Timothy grass for these girls.
So you know, their feet were in such excellent shape the ferrier said to not shoe them unless we began going into rocky terrain or they were chipping considerably.  Shoes might have actually saved them this malady however as it would of put more room between their hooves and the soft tissue underneath.  No one's fault as none of us had experience with this type of horse, just luckily we caught it early and will do our best to prevent the same next summer.
They are sweet, loving mares who have allowed us to saddle them, however they are grounded for a few months until we're sure they are well.  In the meantime, since I've never even thought of owning a horse before, I will be taking lessons.  This brings me to a question for either or both of you or anyone whose brains you might be able to pick.  I was recently assured that Button is enough of a Fresian to register.  Star does have Fresian but enough of her mix is in her to bring out too much white speckling to register her.  I know that more of the horses on your website from the Canadian farms say the horses are Percheron cross but is it at all possible they could be Fresian??  We are thinking of bringing Button to the show in September (not for show or breeding purposes - just to give her her rightful dues you know?) but in the meantime I was told to try and contact the previous owners to try and get as much information as possible.  I remember you said Terry was the lady's name of the couple who had the girls up in Alberta.  Is there any way at all I might contact her?  The vet dentist confirms she is 6 1/2 which makes her born in 2000 and A, B, C were the letters for Fresian names that year, coinsiding with Button - if that is her real name.  Any help you might give would be awesome!
Thank you again for my beautiful babies, they have my heart wrapped around them and while owning horses has brought many surprises, things to learn and lots of ways to spend money, I am forever grateful to you both for the experience.
Most Sincerely,
Bev DeLorenzo