Hi Jen and Cheryl.....

Here are some baby photos of Robyn's little one as of June 19. 
It took almost a year but Robyn's new name is Anjolia. I'm not sure how to spell it yet but the reference is to a complete angel.
She adds so much love to my life and is such a puppy that I can't imagine life without her.
She follows me around and she's so safe up here, that she is free when I'm home.
It is pretty funny - If she can't see me, then she comes charging up to the house with her humungous shape!.She'll go on a diet after it is safe for her and the baby since this simply can't be normal! However, she is really comfy to sit on:-) Kind of like a recliner:-)
Thank you so much for what you do.
We love you.
Ingrid, Angolia, Callie and the baby girl (We're waiting for Loretta's little girl, Allie, to name the baby:-)