Dear Jennifer & Cheryl,

Well, Jenny's loading went without a hitch.  When Emma saw my original Fjord filly, Runa (aka Queenie 07), they could not get over how adorable she was (and that's a fact).
When the horses were originally being unloaded the driver said the first one out is a wild colt which turned out to be Robyn.  There were two people poking her to go out of the trailer instead of trying to climb over the partitions.  She scrambled out of the trailer safely.  The rest of the mares trotted out and seemed very unconcerned about their surroundings. 
Today, I got to touch Queenie with 4 fingers on her nose.  She is extremely cognizant that buckets mean treats and that I am the keeper of the good stuff.  Today both the filly (Robyn) and Queenie decided after all of this time and all the wasted carrots that they were going to finally taste a carrot and it was love at first bite.
Everyone pays lots of attention to them.  Robyn is now named Haldis (Nordic for Stone Spirit) and Queenie will stay Queenie and the name fits.  I'm still hoping that she will be a therapy horse.  The street that the stable is on is not busy but we do have noisy motorcycles, helicopters overhead, lawnmowers and weedwhackers.  The girls have been fabulous.  Haldis is allowing us to brush her and today the halter was on her and buckled to a lead line and she walked around for a short time.  Queenie is every watching.  I now know where my original Fjord filly got that attitude from - - Queenie, her mom.  But, Runa (Queenie's daughter) is absolutely the most loving thing now.  Really the only trouble she gets into is when my other two horses are out in the arena and Runa wants to go out and play with them.  She can be a handful then!
Check out the photos of Haldis (Robyn) and Queenie attached...
Frances LiBrandi