Hi Jennifer & Cheryl !

The big day went well yesterday.  We had such a wonderful time meeting John, visiting with him and hearing about Shawna's past!  He was a fun fellow!  We look forward to seeing him again sometime.  Here are some photos of Jazz getting off the trailer at Horse Quarters. 

The unloading of all the horses had to be done trailer to trailer as there were no corrals to put them in - all went smoothly.  When we brought Jazz home, John walked her all the way to her new corral and she led well.  He called her a respectful mare.  We hope she is pregnant :-)  As soon as we can handle her, we will consider having her examined but most urgent is her foot care.  She has an abscess that has broken out through the hoof wall that should be attended to soon.  The farrier is coming this weekend to trim Tug so perhaps we can work with her, too, if she will let us catch her!
Talk to you soon!